Mel Writes

Why hire a writer?

Did you know that over 27 million pieces of content are shared per day? Did you also know that websites with a blog get 88% more leads than a website that lacks one?

We’re in the age of content, and your content can make or break your brand. Having nothing at all does you absolutely no good! A content-less website is better off not existing. That, like every other business problem, can be fixed with the right help.

You don’t have enough content? Then you need a writer.

What makes good web content?

Good web content keeps your audience interested. It teaches them something. It makes them think. It makes them laugh. It does all of these things, or maybe just a few. Sometimes it sells a product — but not all the time! People know when your only goal is to sell and that turns them off like little else. Of course you want to sell! You want to sell your brand, your product, your service.

You need to forge a relationship with your audience, first. You do that through content.

What sort of content is out there?

You name it, it exists.

Content can take the form of videos, audio, blog posts, the written portions of your website that aren’t blog posts, short animations, long animations, presentations, and more. The sort of content you use depends upon your business. Start simple: a blog to share your expertise, a refresh of your website’s voice, and you can branch out into other areas as you attract more people and gain more confidence.

How can I help?

I’m a freelance writer with background in multimedia design. I can put together graphics, presentations, blog posts, update your site’s look, and re-write your website to make it more appealing to potential customers and viewers. If you have content but you want a professional eye to go over it for spelling and grammar, I can do that, too. If you have knowledge you’d like to share — say, as an eBook — but you’re not sure how to write it in a way that’s engaging … I can do that, too.

Hiring a writer can make all the difference in your business and the leads it generates.

What are you waiting for? Contact me now for a quote.