Why Get a VA?

A Virtual Assistant is someone you can rely on to help you run your business instead of the other way around. They can help with everything from data entry to social media marketing, customer service to IT support. Each VA can help you in their own ways.

I’m a Virtual Assistant with over ten years’ experience with all things to do with your online presence: social media management, social media marketing, blogs and blogging, and website design. I’ve worked with non-profit organizations and a post-secondary institution. I’ll help you figure out what you need, how long it’ll take, and even a long-term strategy to make sure that what we’re doing keeps working.


Every business’ needs are unique, and this list of services is by no means exhaustive. I have a wide range of experience from office administration to website design to marketing, several things in between, and a handful of other stuff that I may be forgetting.

Don’t see a service that you need? Contact me.


Social Media Graphics
Business Cards
Wordpress Websites
Weebly Websites
Blog Graphics
Photo Editing
Digital Products & eBooks


E-mail Management
Data Entry
Business Documentation
Database Maintenance
Online Store Maintenance
Content Editing
Customer Service

Social Media & Marketing

Blog Posts
Social Media Posting
Social Media Scheduling
Pinterest Posting & Maintenance
Facebook Ads
Google Adsense Ads
Group & Forum Management

Pricing & Packages


8 hours/month


($28 per hour)


16 hours/month


($26 per hour)



32 hours/month


($25 per hour)

Per Project

For one-time projects.


Contact me for a quote.