The New ‘Mel Writes’

 The most common piece of advice we freelance writers get is “pick a niche”. The idea is to go with something you’re an expert at, that way you become recognized among clients and potential clients as someone that’s the go-to for that particular subject. It’s good advice, and it’s worked well for a lot of people. If it didn’t work well, we wouldn’t have people like Gina Horkey who not only has a successful niche website, but also has many people that have followed her advice and can boast earnings in the five-or-six figures.

What about those that don’t exactly have a specialty, or simply cannot get their head around one particular niche?

We’re going against the grain!

I come from a Multimedia Design background with a lot of Office Admin, miscellaneous retail, and specialty experience. I have roots in Fire Service issues, experience with the post-secondary school textbook field, and I’ve worked in a casino environment. When I say “Multimedia Design”, that’s a fancy term for “I know a bit of everything from coding to audio/video”.

I am literally a Jane of all trades, but not a master in one particular thing. I have tons of knowledge bouncing around in my head, and to share that, I’d have to have my hands in multiple niches. It’s generally not recommended to have a bunch of sites going at the same time simply because it’s a pain in the ass to keep up with too many at once, and the likelihood of keeping them all going is depressingly low.

I recently decided “screw this” and have gone against the “one niche” thing to dedicate my blog to things near and dear to my heart — and having a blog just for some of this stuff will save people around me a lot of time listening to rants. I’m passionate about a bunch of stuff. The folks around me? Not exactly passionate about the same things, and find my interests bizarre.

What does all this mean?

‘Mel Writes’ will be where I write about politics, social justice, paganism, and my adventures dealing with mental illness, while still poking at the subject of freelancing. Posts will go up once per week unless something major happens that needs a post immediately, like time-sensitive issues and current events. will be getting a slight facelift as well. All things gaming and roleplay related will be posted there, so if that’s your jam, check it out.

The Facebook page will get some slow updates, too, though you’ll be better off seeking me out on Pinterest or following me on Twitter.

Welcome to the new Mel Writes!