Why a Website is a Great Long-Term Business Investment


Most businesses have a website of some kind. They use them for a wide variety of purposes: keeping in touch with clients, sharing their latest projects, answering questions, demonstrating their expertise, even just providing contact information. These websites are the business’ way of reaching out to the world.

There are still many businesses that don’t have a website. Many people are still under the impression that websites are more expense than they’re worth. They might do things the old-fashioned way, preferring word of mouth over anything else. Some also think that websites are too complex, or that they just don’t need them.

The benefits of having a website for your business far outweigh any potential negatives. Not only are they often affordable, they can be easily maintained by yourself or by a hired hand. Some sites don’t even need maintenance — if the information you have listed hasn’t changed, or won’t change for several years, you can get away with just leaving it as-is until you absolutely need to make some tweaks.

A Website Makes You Easy to Find

If someone was to Google your business today, what would they find? If they Googled what your business does, would you show up in those listings?

It’s all well and good to have your information show up in the Yellow Pages or as a business name and phone number, but none of that really tells a potential customer about your business. It doesn’t build trust. Sure, you might be great to talk to on the phone and know your stuff, but the likelihood of someone picking you over somebody with more information about their business gets lower for every other business in your line of work that crops up.

With even a basic website you can have information added on the back end that tells Google what your site is for, and the sort of things someone might search for that would match your business. When you add content that tells people about who you are and what you do, you make it even easier to find you.

A Website Makes You Appealing

You could be the best-dressed, most professional businessperson in your trade — but clients don’t know that until they see you and speak to you. If they go for someone else because that person had just the right information available, they’ll never get to see you.

When you have a presence on the web, even as simple as a Facebook page or Twitter account, you give your clients the opportunity to get to know you. They get a picture of your personality. They learn what you’re like as a person. This also gives you the chance to demonstrate that you’re an expert in your field: show people what you’ve done and how you’ve done it. Having that website for your business lets you put your work out there so everybody has proof that you are what you say you are.

You’re amazing. Let them see that.

A Website Makes You Easy to Contact

By listing your phone number AND your e-mail address AND your social media pages AND your business address, you give potential customers several different options for getting in touch with you. You’re letting them know that you’re available, you’re reachable. What excuse do they have not to get in touch with you?


By making the process of getting in touch with you into a painless exercise, you’re opening the doors and letting people know that you totally want to help them and you’re making yourself available to do it.

A Website is a Must in the 21st Century

Having a website for your business takes your local brand and makes it into something that’s accessible worldwide. It opens up more avenues of attracting clients and making money. It brings your business in-line with the modern world — which is an absolute must if you wanna survive. It’s especially helpful if you’re offering services instead of products: why have a brick-and-mortar office that can cost as much as renting an apartment when you can get a website built for a one-time fee, and spend as little as $10/month keeping it online?

Most people in North America are online in some way or another, whether it’s over their cell phone or on a computer, and you can almost guarantee that if someone looks up a business because they’re after a specific product or service … they’re going to make that purchase if they can easily find what they’re looking for.

If you don’t have a website yet, what are you waiting for? It’s time to get started.


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